"It was great attending Sandra's event where I managed to learn some new stuff from different generations. This new project Sandra is doing is quite interesting because as we all live longer more people from different generations are working and living alongside each other for longer than ever before and working on learning more about the differences between generations is something very interesting to look at!"

Generation Z

Andrew Batchelor


Sandra's talk on Mind the Generation Gap at the Apex Hotel was engaging, thought provoking and highly interesting. Her research into the five generations, from the Silent Generation to the Millennials, helped raise understanding on some of the factors that have driven us to think and behave as we do. More importantly, this research and information helped show me how we can potentially use this to better understand and work with each generation. I am a baby boomer mother of two millennial children and I was really keen to share some of this information with them.  Her presentation was lively and professional and held the audience throughout.

Baby Boomer

Aileen Barclay 


"Went along thinking it might be about technology but no, it provided a light-hearted but thought-provoking insight to the 5 generations now potentially working/living together. It was a new perspective and I found it well researched and, as a Baby Boomer, a clue to some of my children, parents, grandchild generational thinking and approach to life/work; recognised some examples as well. It would be a valuable presentation for many a work place and I would recommend it. Sandra is a great presenter keeping the balance of light-hearted but informative with just enough time for discussion".

Baby Boomer

Jennifer Petrie


Sandra’s talk was really good. The topic was so interesting and arresting. I think knowing more about the differences between the generations will help me interact in a more understanding way with people who are not my age. I am a baby boomer with 2 girls, several grandchildren, and a mother-in-law in her 90s. I left the meeting wanting more and wondering how these generational differences affect my life. I can’t wait to read Sandra’s blog.

Baby Boomer

Margaret Snyder


Very interesting and engaging talk, look forward to following the blog!


Rebecca Stott


"What a great presentation and talk by Sandra. "Mind the Generation Gap". It was about the fact that today's society includes 5 generations, and highlighted the differences which have the potential to impact on our  interactions, in the home, in the workplace and the community. Sandra is an entertaining presenter who grabs and holds the attention of the audience. It was over far too soon and I suspect it has only touched the tip of what will be a much longer and in-depth study and debate. Being there has certainly inspired me to follow Sandra's blog and be part of that debate".

Baby Boomer

Agnes Neish


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